The deluge about to bury the Conservative Party

What are we to make of the 2023 UK local elections? The results so far point to a crushing defeat for the Conservative Party, while Labour is on course for a solid, if not exactly stunning performance, and the Liberal Democrats are crushing the Tories in their heartlands.

The Eagle's Lament

He spotted the eagle not long after sun had chased the slate grey of twilight from the dawn sky. A brown speck soaring high, the familiar upturned bow of her wings not yet visible. He was glad the sun would soon drive the bitter chill of the mountain night from his bones. This was the best part of the day. Well, the least bad part of the day and night. The cold numbed the sores where his shackled wrists and ankles bound him to the rock. After his liver had regrown during the night, the wound below his sternum had closed and was healing.